Our Services

P1050598Doorcraft Garage Doors supplies, installs, services and repairs Garage Doors and Automatic Openers here on the Central Coast. We are a local family-owned business that has been serving the Coast since 1973.

For Owners and Builders who are on new-builds or renovations, we offer the consultations, the price, the quality, the reliability, and the speed of service you require.

For Strata Managers, we offer the quality and reliability of service you require for your clients. We endeavour, through our long experience in dealing with rental and strata situations, to make it easy for your management staff to fulfil these repair or renewal decisions.

At Doorcraft we understand the maintenance requirements of your garage door system. Regular servicing is crucial in maintaining trouble free-operation of your garage door system. Regular maintenance not only promotes longer product life and ensures the manufacturers’ warranty is maintained, but also greatly reduces the risk of inconvenient operational failures and costly repair bills.

General servicing and preventative maintenance should be performed on most domestic garage door systems every 12 months. Our teams of skilled and dependable service technicians are capable of performing all the necessary maintenance and repairs to most major brands of garage doors and remote control systems. Covering the Central Coast area, our fully stocked mobile service units are ready to solve your garage door issues from general servicing and maintenance to full drive unit and spring counterbalance replacement.

Even if your door is operating normally, it does not mean it is not ready for a general service. In many cases, spring “fatigue” means that dangerous amounts of strain are being transferred to your remote control system. If left unchecked, this can lead to expensive repair bills and inconvenient product failures. Most modern garage door systems are counterbalanced via a spring mechanism. Metal fatigue ensures that the constant cycling of your garage door will reduce the amount of lifting force applied to your door via the counterbalance mechanism. This reduction in lifting force in turn puts greater strain on the automatic drive system and if not regularly addressed, can lead to costly drive train failure and in some cases replacement of the drive unit itself.

Included in general service is the re-tensioning of your spring system to counteract this effect and reprogramming your drive unit in line with new parameters. Checking all fixing points, making mechanical adjustments and lubricating where necessary will ensure that your garage door continues to give trouble free service.

With much of the Central Coast being affected by corrosive airborne sea-salt it is even more necessary to have us regularly service and maintain your valuable garage door and its components.